Leg updates: Energy Bill and Climate Change bills

The energy bill is still held up in closed negotiations within the Democratic leadership, the auto industry is still hoping to gut the increased fuel economy standards, and Senator Domenici’s overwhelming love for nuclear power transcends all political divides, reason, space, and time.

Dems drafting energy bill in secret, too [Politico]

Joe Lieberman’s crappy version of a climate change bill has made it out of his subcommittee, over the objections of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and two Republicans (for very different reasons, of course).

Global warming bill advances in Senate [Yahoo News]

Tracking Lieberman-Warner: What’s Next? [Gristmill] 

I’d much prefer to see Democrats and the environmental community wait until 2009 and pass a much stronger climate change bill, than wheel and deal their way to a much weaker one in the current Congress.

~ by danopticon on November 1, 2007.

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