Liveblogging the Matt Lauer Larry Craig interview!!!

This may not go so well…

8:00 IT BEGINS!!! “It’s all on the line- his career, his HONOR”

8:01 Lauer: “You walked into that bathroom, Senator. Six minutes later you were under arrest.”

8:02 Craig: I became the hurricane that everyone wanted to talk about.

8:05 whoa Larry looked even OLDER in 1982 than today. timewarp? stealing the vitality of young children?

Mrs. Craig is grimacing already. Her name is Susanne?

8:06 Susanne says marrying someone to cover up their repressed sexuality is like “selling your soul”

8:08 oh sweet later on Matt’s going to re-enact the foottapping sequence of events!

8:09: PHEW commercial break. liveblogging is hard!

8:12 of course the footage of Craig calling Bill Clinton a “bad, nasty, naughty boy”

8:13 militant gay bloggers are the bane of a congressman’s existence

There were rumors he was kicked out of the national guard for being gay?

Oh but in fact, he had “a medical discharge, based on [his] feet”

8:15 OH GOD EW Susanne referred to “areas of Larry that only I might know about *wink wink*”

8:17 so who has less hair? Larry’s is more receded but Matt’s is much sparser.

8:19 OK so his wife is Suzanne Thompson. Didn’t take his last name. She’s a modern woman.

8:21 Lauer: “Were you aware, Senator, of the reputation of that SPECIFIC bathroom?”

“Matt, I used bathrooms for bathrooms’ sake”

“Well so do I!”

8:22 “So I go to the bathroom, to use the bathroom’s bathrooms”

When Larry checks stalls to see if they’re occupied, he looks through the crack in the door. When Matt looks, he looks under the door at the feet.

8:24 closesup of their shoes as Matt taps his foot. I think Larry is wearing cowboy boots!

…The cop passed a note under the door asking him to step out.

Matt- “The next thing the police report said you said was “NO!”

Larry- “Yes!”

8:26 Larry Craig will never follow the secret bathroom code so closely again now that he knows it’s a secret bathroom code. Honest mistake!

8:30 Larry didn’t MEAN to show the cop his Senator ID card, it just slipped out while he was getting his driver’s license.

8:34 Larry does not even recall tapping his feet at all.

8:37 “Now I know all about profiling. I know how innocent people feel when they get profiled, when they get caught up in things I got caught up in.”

Indeed, Senate Republicans have been trying for YEARS to end the injustices of profiling by police officers.

8:39 Catch his flight, or stay and fight the officer’s claims? “For that moment in time, I was in a panic! And I said ‘Ah! Criminy!'”

8:42 I’m so glad Matt Lauer is a real journalist.

8:43 He didn’t tell anyone about the arrest because he didn’t want to embarrass (in order, I assume):

1. his wife

2. his kids

3. Idaho

4. his friends

8:44 poor suzanne looks in so much pain right now

I did not even realize the interview is taking place in Larry Craig’s living room! You’d think a Senator could afford a nicer sofa.

8:48 After the break- “You have taken several opportunities to say that you are not homosexual. But are you bisexual?”

8:50 I still haven’t learned anything new of any importance (“importance”). This is neither neither much enlightening or much funny.

8:52 Even Mitt Romney threw him under the bus.

8:54 “He didn’t just throw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran me over again!”

Some people can’t make eye contact with him anymore. He “gave no quarter for [his] colleagues to stand in.” What does that mean?

8:55 Crap I couldn’t tell what Larry said in answer to the bisexual question. Did he say “it’s notable”???

8:56 “I’m not sure I’ve ever looked at someone else’s lifestyle as great shame.” THEN WHY DO YOU VOTE AGAINST THEM

8:57 The judge refused to let him withdraw his guilty plea, but he’s going to appeal it to another judge. And then another, and another.

8:58 Matt Lauer enjoys taking off his glasses for emphasis.

8:58 Matt: “With all due respect, your father never envisioned gay sex stings in airports.”

8:59 final words: “I’m a fighter… this is the toughest fight of my political life.”

Wow. That was fairly pointless. Have I learned anything? Would I have enjoyed the interview more or less if I wasn’t liveblogging it? What if I was drinking? Will I ever liveblog anything again? Tune in next time…

~ by danopticon on October 16, 2007.

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  1. your zero-hits blog is now sharing half of my second monitor with gmail.

    take that, pissed off twitter guy.

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