Energy Bill updates

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The Senate passed their version of the 2007 energy bill in June, the House passed theirs at the beginning of August, and since then…? Nothing. Still no conference, to reconciliation of the two or any movement forward of any kind. Pelosi and Reid put energy on the back burner first for the Iraq funding fights, then for SCHIP, and seemingly anything else that came along. Now the most important provisions – increased fuel economy requirements (along with closing the loophole for SUVs), a nationwide renewable electricity standard, and reallocating millions in oil company subsidies to be incentives for renewable energy – may well be left out of the final bill to avoid pissing off Blue Dog Democrats and the auto industry. And Bush may veto it anyway.

It seems like the biggest fight is over increasing CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards, which could very well mean the renewable electricity standard has been abandoned altogether as too politically infeasible. Many southern Democrats are against it because they say solar and wind power are not feasible for their states.

~ by danopticon on October 15, 2007.

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